Proven Solutions + Support to Heal Symptoms
without Thyroid Medication and Get Your Glow Back

Are you fed up with taking one prescription after the next, chasing your symptoms without getting relief?

Is your doctor dropping the ball, and you need someone who understands your journey to coach you through to health?

Do you want your life back from brain fog, fatigue and flab?

Are you ready to do what it takes to banish thyroid disease forever?

Finally, a practical solution that really works.

The Thyroid Fix in 6 is an interactive thyroid coaching program that guides you gently from disease to vibrant health. Together, we work step-by-step to reverse thyroid disease and eliminate symptoms naturally.

I understand your struggle because we’ve walked similar paths – through a medical system that disregards our symptoms, makes us feel small, and assumes we don’t know our own bodies. Have you ever been made to feel like you’re the one going crazy? 

Hi, my name is Jen Wittman. I’m a thyroid specialist, health expert and a mom, but a few years ago, you wouldn’t have recognized me as the smiling woman in this picture.

I struggled with the debilitating symptoms of Hashimoto’s for years, and it impacted every area of my life. After 2 trips to the ER, 12 different doctors, years of fatigue, hair loss, weight fluctuations, hot flashes, chills, anxiety attacks and extreme digestive upheavals, I was finally diagnosed…but I couldn’t find help anywhere.

My “adventures” with thyroid disease began shortly after giving birth to my son. For 3 years, I felt decimated. After being told by doctor after doctor that it was all in my head, that it was “just stress,” and that I was becoming a hypochondriac, I’d had enough. 

As a busy mom and business woman, I went on the hunt for practical solutions that would work in my overwhelming and over-scheduled life – quick, family-friendly meals, natural home remedies, fitness that actually fit into my hectic day, and some serious “me-time.”

At the same time, more and more women started coming into my health coaching practice, who were also struggling with thyroid imbalances. My clients couldn’t believe how energetic and alive I was with a diagnosed thyroid condition, and wanted to know my secret for reversing the disease. 

After helping scores of women in my private practice, I created The Thyroid Fix in 6 to share these proven protocols on a larger scale…so that women everywhere can be released from the shackles of thyroid and autoimmune disease.

It’s stories like these that inspire me to continue
sharing this work every day…

“I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Jen to improve my overall health, wellness and stress management. I was diagnosed with autoimmune disorders, fatty liver and stress-induced early menopause. As I’m a full-time working mother of two kids under the age of 5, making these changes was quite daunting and no easy task. But Jen made it all possible. Her knowledge of the health issues I was dealing with, her expertise about food and nutrition, her systematic approach to creating a personal and family schedule that minimized my stress level, and her compassionate, supporting and encouraging personality provided me with the tools I needed to make these important changes.
I am 30 pounds lighter and am able to maintain a consistent workout routine 5 days per week, prepare healthy meals for myself and my family, and best of all, feeling better physically and mentally than I’ve felt in about six years. My doctor is thrilled with my progress. And I could not have done it without Jen!”

— Amy R., Professional & Mother of 2, Westchester, CA

Go from fed-up, frazzled, fatigued, and flabby… to full of life again.

The Thyroid Fix in 6 is my holistic approach to loving your thyroid and your body back to vibrant health! Get the support you deserve from a partner who’s walked in your shoes… without the frustrating medical visits, pricey supplements or feeling like you’re losing your mind.

This powerful coaching program gives you practical solutions that fit into a busy life so you can get back up and running in 6 weeks or less. Ready to feel energetic, vibrant, clear-headed and sexy again?
Let’s chat…

Healthcare has become disease care.How much time, effort and money have you spent on going from doctor to doctor and adding prescription after prescription? Have you missed opportunities and special moments with friends and family because you were sick? Would you like to put your health issues behind you for good, so your money can go toward the things you love in life?

The problem is that the conventional medical system is not designed to find the root cause of a disease and to help you heal from the inside out. It’s not designed to prevent you from getting sick or bringing you into remission before the disease has gone too far. Our current medical system is designed to treat symptoms; not to keep you from getting sick.

Your body is NOT broken.I was just like you. I thought my body was betraying me and felt like I might be going crazy from all the problems I was feeling that no one else could see. I went from doctor to doctor, from specialist to specialist desperately trying to find someone who could tell me what was wrong with me. I was buried under an avalanche of symptoms, but everywhere I looked I was given a pat on the head and told I was “stressed,” or that it was “all in my head.”

You are not alone.Because I’ve been through what you’re going through, and because I’ve fought my way back to health with radical TLC, I know what works – and what doesn’t. And I can help you heal yourself.

Thyroid & Autoimmune disease shouldn’t keep you from the joys of life.Because I struggled with autoimmune thyroid disease and I’ve come through this fire, I don’t want you or anyone else to waste more time and money by suffering needlessly. I want you to get the caring and compassionate support you need and deserve in order to turn your health around.

It’s time to get your energy back so you can play with your kids and have the vitality you need to be the mom, sister, daughter, friend and partner you want to be. It’s time to get that libido back so you can reconnect to your loved one. It’s time to get a clear and focused mind back so you can pursue your career with confidence and regain your memory (although, I can’t promise you, you’ll remember where your keys are. I never have and I never will!) :)

But seriously, it’s time you get YOU back…that vibrant person you once knew. The one who was ready to live life with gusto and thrive in her personal and professional life.

I’ve been there too. One of my greatest frustrations was going from doctor to doctor and researching overwhelming and conflicting research and getting NO ANSWERS. That’s why I created The Thyroid Fix in 6 – so that you can take your health back into your own hands. Now you don’t have to go through this alone. You will have the tools you need (that work!) to reverse disease and eliminate symptoms. And, you’ll be an informed patient at the doctor’s office.

The personal toll Hashimoto’s had on me.My thyroid story starts off like so many others’ out there. I spent three years feeling decimated. I had what seemed to be an all-systems breakdown of my body. My body temperature was all over the place. I was having allergic reactions to all sorts of food. I was sleeping too much and then too little; always exhausted. My hair was falling out. My skin was really dry. The list went on and on.

I described the litany of symptoms to a parade of doctors, but every one of them chalked it all up to stress or being a new mom. I insisted that something was off, so the doctors ran some standard blood tests. NORMAL. Ultrasounds were performed. NORMAL. (I started to dread the word NORMAL.) But I didn’t feel normal. I was scared. I didn’t know what to do. I hoped they were right, that this was all was due to stress. So I waited and worked on managing my stress. Nothing. No change. I still felt terrible.

I’ve suffered both a great personal and financial toll of battling Hashimoto’s thyroid disease. After years of research, doctors’ visits, and spending tens of thousands of dollars on supplements, remedies, specialists and more, I’d had enough.

I took my degree in psychology, my career as a chef and my work in nutrition and health coaching to help myself and others reverse thyroid disease and eliminate symptoms – FOR GOOD…

Are you suffering with?

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Hashimoto’s
  • No Thyroid or Partial Thyroidectomy
  • Autoimmune Disease
  • Inflammatory Disease

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You wake up foggy and fatigued.
  • You are stressed or prone to panic/anxiety attacks.
  • You can’t seem to lose weight no matter what you do.
  • You have insomnia you can’t shake.
  • You are tired of collapsing midday for a nap; unable to function until you rest.
  • You feel like you’re 90 years old and you’re not actually 90. Ack!
  • Your thyroid levels are “normal” but you have several symptoms of thyroid disorder
  • You’ve been told or made to feel “it’s all in your head.”

It’s simple! No overwhelm —
here’s what you’re going to learn:

  • What tests you really need to have and how to find the right doctor.
  • How to use food to heal, lose weight, say goodbye to “thyroid belly” and feel energized
  • How to eliminate cravings and balance blood sugar.
  • What to do about adrenal fatigue and which resources are best.
  • Techniques to tackle life’s stressors & feel more relaxed every day.
  • Natural remedies for eliminating symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, depression, insomnia, stress and more!
  • Time management strategies to put time back on your side and manage your schedule with ease.
  • How to talk to your family and friends about the disease so they finally get it and are ready to help.
  • How to kick your thyroid or autoimmune disorder
    in the booty!!!

Budget-friendly coaching. My typical private coaching client investment is over $2,000 to work with me 1-on-1. And, as I’ve mentioned, I had to spend tens of thousands of dollars on my own health care in search of what really worked to reverse the disease and live a vibrant life.

In this program, you get to benefit of all my trial and error, and from the huge financial investment I had to make as I forged a path to healing – for a fraction of the cost. The Thyroid Fix in 6 will save you THOUSANDS of dollars and years of your life by giving you a simple, step-by-step solution to heal thyroid symptoms and disease.

Don’t let another single day go by feeling awful,
anxiety ridden and about to throw in the towel.

The Thyroid Fix in 6 is not about denying yourself or complicating your life. To finally feel better again is a gift and is easier than you think. It’s about giving you the tools you need and the care and love you deserve so you can get back to yourself and live a life you love.

This simple program sets you up for a healthy, vibrant life, long-term… it’s not a band-aid or quickie remedy that leaves symptoms to return.

How will your life change when…?

…you have the energy to do all the things you want to do in life – to be the best parent, spouse, daughter/son, sibling, neighbor, colleague, etc.
…you are able to lose weight with ease and without counting calories?
…you are able to sleep soundly all night long and wake up feeling refreshed?
…your symptoms are gone and your mood swings go away?
…your libido comes back and you can reconnect to your loved one?
…you feel “normal” again?

What is it worth to you to have that
back in your life again?

My private coaching clients have paid THOUSANDS of dollars to get access to this program and now, I am excited to be able to offer it to you in a format you can do at home, on your time, and at your own pace.

I designed this program so you can live your life again, the way that you used to – before thyroid or autoimmune disease, before aches and fatigue, before the heaviness of extra weight and a boatload of symptoms.

I designed it so you can have the energy to do the things that you want and be the parent, professional, spouse and friend that you want to be. Because when I was in the throes of Hashimoto’s disease, that is all I wanted — to feel normal again.

Receive lifetime access to this healing program + group coaching support with me from anywhere in the world!

Here’s what people are saying…

The Thyroid Fix in 6 includes my revolutionary home healing program, The Radical TLC Solution. Watch Emmy’s Transformation below!

And More Love Letters for Jen’s coaching:

thyroidfixin6_03“…I finally called Jen and scheduled my initial consult and I have never once regretted my decision. Our conversation was like talking to a friend but a friend who had been in the trenches with me and knew the way out. It was wonderful. We went over my different options and of course the finances came into play. This was a definite hurdle that I needed to overcome but my health is an even bigger hurdle and I knew I needed to figure out a way to do this for not only myself but for my family. I have chosen to look at this as an investment in myself because I deserve it and my children deserve it too. I already feel better just in the small time we have worked together because she has offered me hope, compassion and understanding and frankly you can’t put a price tag on that!”

-Heather M., mother of 4, Massachusetts

thyroidfixin6_06“I took, what felt like a big leap of faith, and purchased Jen’s home healing program. I had been diagnosed Hypo for 8 years and was told at the time of my diagnosis that the only treatment I needed was a synthetic thyroid hormone to bring my thyroid levels back to normal.

I found out 8 years later that its not as simple as feeding my body a synthetic thyroid hormone everyday. Regardless of my TSH numbers, I gained 30 pounds in two years (on a plant based, vegan diet!) I was feeling horrible and constantly sick, and had no energy what-so-ever. I felt like I did before my diagnosis. A doctors visit and many blood tests later, I found myself even more confused than I was before. On top of the confusion in the blood results, there was so much mixed information about what to eat and what not to eat, what meds and vitamins to take and not to take, and I didn’t know what to trust. I needed guidance.

My life was craving the consult and wealth of information I was about to receive from Jen. She helped me realize my vegan diet wasn’t appropriate for my unique body and recognizing this would be difficult for me to receive, she was extremely encouraging and supportive. By the end of the session, she made many life-changing recommendations that have given me amazing results. Just a few weeks after our session, I have found myself ten pounds lighter and slowly but surely, life and energy is coming back to my body.

Finding a health coach with the knowledge and understanding of thyroid health that Jen has is hard to come by but I’m thankful the universe led me to her. Immediately after talking to her, I filled with confidence about how to move forwards, the confusion melted away and I began making the recommended changes immediately. I haven’t felt this good in years. Thanks Jen!!”

-Emmy F., Van Nuys, CA

thyroidfixin6_10From our first phone call I knew I had finally found the right person to help guide me back to optimum health. I was being treated for adrenal fatigue and after 1 year many of my symptoms persisted. Jen knew that more was going on and she was right. I also had a thyroid condition, leaky gut and was vitamin D deficient – all of which Jen predicted from speaking with me and listening. We became a team on a mission.

Jen helped me transform my life. We focused on diet, exercise and relaxation techniques tailored to me. She knew which tests I needed and was able to read and analyze them. She has a vast knowledge of supplements, herbs and cleansing techniques. She never gave up, working to find the right protocol for me. THERE’S NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL WHEN IT COMES TO HEALING and Jen knows that firsthand.

I’m beyond thrilled that Jen is on my healing team! I know I would not be where I am today without her. If you’re struggling with a thyroid condition, you need to partner up with Jen!

-Dawn F, Design/Organizing Expert, New York

The Thyroid Fix in 6 is perfect for you if:

  • You are fed up and tired of being held back by thyroid or autoimmune disease
  • You are committed to doing what it takes, and making the best choices for your body
  • You want to have energy and to fully participate in life again
  • You believe you deserve to feel great and are ready to invest in YOU!
  • You are ready to take your health back into your own hands

Thyroid Coaching That Gets Results

What you get with the Thyroid Fix in 6

EXCLUSIVE, LIFETIME ACCESS! Your Personal Coaching Portal

Upon purchase, you’ll receive login information
where all your home healing video recordings,
audio recordings, digital e-books, PDFs, slideshows
and worksheets will be housed.


  • 6 Video Coaching Tutorials (+ audio recordings + PDF slideshows/worksheets) All the practical info, tools and worksheets you need to get to the heart of healing and results.
  • 6 Guest Expert Q&A Coaching Call Recordings – access to the top experts in holistic healing.
  • Monthly Group Coaching Q&A Recordings from Jen Wittman, CHHC & Thyroid Specialist. You submit your questions via the private Facebook group and Jen will troubleshoot your biggest challenges in mp3 audio format for you to download and listen to at your convenience.


Access to the Thyroid Fix in 6 private online community

This is the place you can be real, you can be vulnerable, you can put it all out on the table and get the love and support you deserve.


  • Discover your personal healing profile.
  • Learn how to feed yourself and your family at home and on-the-go!
  • Total support – from healing at home to symptom relief to how to get your family and friends in your corner.
  • And much more…

The Weekly Breakdown



  • The secret to a healthy thyroid.
  • How to find the root cause & the right help to treat it.
  • How to test and track yourself at home

The best part? You’ll walk into the doctor’s office empowered so you can get the best help & results. In one week you’ll go from disregarded at the doctor’s office to a force to be reckoned with. Get your voice back, girl!

thyroidfixin6_06This week’s Expert Q&A Call:
Adrenal Health & Thyroid Medications

Dr. Alan Christianson, Naturopathic
Doctor (NMD)
specializing in natural
endocrinology with a focus on thyroid disorders

+ Monthly Group Coaching Q&A Recording with Jen - submit your questions and get them answered!



  • How to eat to feel awesome and energized throughout the ENTIRE day!
  • The secret to saying bah-bye to bloat, thyroid belly and blah.
  • A family-friendly meal plan filled with time-saving, delicious, and filling recipes and tricks.


Plus, Expert Q&A Call:
Leaky Gut & Digestive Issues

Donna Gates, M.Ed., ABAAHP
International Best-Selling Author of The
Body Ecology Diet: Recovering Your Health
and Rebuilding Your Immunity

+ Monthly Group Coaching Q&A with Jen

How great would it be to put love back into the kitchen…where deprivation is a thing of the past?!? No more counting calories, points or dysfunctional formulas for weight loss. Learn mad skillz to banish fatigue, brain fog, aches and pains… all by week 2!



  • Sleep solutions to set your body up for real healing
  • Simple, natural strategies for depression, anxiety, constipation, insomnia, fatigue, weight loss, adrenal fatigue, hair loss, migraines, chills, vertigo, achy joints & muscles, irregular periods, dry skin, scalp, brittle fingernails + more!
  • How-to help for revving up your sex drive.

thyroidfixin6_22Plua, Expert Q&A Call:
Perfectionism and Healing

Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, Clinical Psychologist, Physical Therapist and Author of Better Than Perfect: 7 Strategies to Crush Your Inner Critic and Create a Life You Love

+ Monthly Group Coaching Q&A Recording with Jen

Are you tired of prescriptions that add side effects instead of eliminating symptoms? What will it feel like to have an arsenal of healing tools that eliminate symptoms and help you reduce reliance on medications? This week we dive deep into power protocols for showing symptoms the door!



  • 5 simple at-home detox techniques
  • The #1 thing you can do to speed up healing
  • Strategies to understand what your body is asking for.


This Week’s Expert Q&A Call:
Thyroid Detox Strategies

Michelle Corey, Author of The Thyroid Cure, Medical Advocate, Functional Medical Nutritional Consultant, and former autoimmune patient.

+ Monthly Group Coaching Q&A Recording with Jen

Self-care isn’t a luxury. Giving your body the TLC it deserves so you can live the life you want to — to have energy for friends and family, to be able pursue your passions without a disease holding you back is priceless. In Module 4, we go into the detox techniques that can have a HUGE impact on healing.



  • Quick and easy fitness ideas that fit into a hectic schedule (I mean, who has time to exercise anyway!?)
  • My expert tricks for eating gluten-free on the go! From
    ANYWHERE, seriously.
  • Simple strategies for shaking off sugar for good!

Untitled-1And, Expert Q&A Call:
Gluten-Free Goodness

Jennifer Fugo, founder of Gluten-Free School and best-selling author behind the ground-breaking book The Savvy Gluten-Free Shopper: How to Eat Healthy without Breaking the Bank.

+ Monthly Group Coaching Q&A Recording with Jen

Got food and fitness confusion? This week, we nail down the best exercise routines for the thyroid sufferer, eating healthy anywhere and how to slay those sugar demons. Won’t it be great when you don’t have to worry all the time about what to eat and how to lose the weight?



  • The 3 secrets to taking back your time…so you can
    fill it with the things you LOVE to do, not have to do.
  • How to stop getting sick when things get hectic
    (Don’t continue to learn this one the hard way!)
  • A self-care makeover to get your spark back!


Plus, Expert Q&A Call:
Transitioning to Paleo

George Bryant, New York Times Best Selling Author of The Paleo Kitchen and creative genius behind the wildly popular Paleo food blog “Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations.”

+ Monthly Group Coaching Q&A Recording with Jen

After this week, you’ll be able to manage life — your family, job and thyroid disease — without going bonkers! You’ll have a clear plan and the tools to get yourself back to sassy and symptom-free. Say sayonara to sick and hello to the VIBRANT you! Won’t it be great to feel “normal” again!?!

Your 12 Big Solution-Packed Bonuses

p2_01Thyroid & Autoimmune Healing Meal Plan + Cookbook

{$47 value}

End food confusion and menu planning nightmares for good! Get ready for meals that heal and make the whole family happy!

  • 4 weekly family-friendly meal plans
  • 4 weekly grocery lists
  • 4 weekly prep plans
  • Quick & Simple Recipes – delish!
  • The TLC Super Nourishing Snacks Guide
  • My insanely easy, easy-cheat grocery guide

p2_07The TLC Home Healing Program

{$429 value}

A 6-week self-care blueprint with daily step-by-step action plans to help you relieve symptoms and support your body.

  • A 6-week self-care blueprint with daily step-by-step action plans to help you relieve your symptoms and support your body.
  • Simple plans for tackling symptoms and straightforward info on what is actually going on in that body of yours and how you can love it back to health!
  • A clear-cut method for putting it all together and customizing it to your unique needs, because there’s nothing about thyroid problems that are one-size-fits-all.

p2_10Thyroid Love 101

{$37 value}

Your all-things thyroid guide including done-for-you printouts for your doctor.

  • Understand, in plain English, what your thyroid is and what it actually does.
  • Recognize your specific thyroid dysfunction patterns to understand your particular needs.
  • Evaluate whether your doctor is meeting your needs – and how to find one who will.

p2_12Symptom Relief Playbook – eliminate symptoms naturally

{$47 value}

  • Discover natural supplements and remedies for depression, fatigue, weight loss, anxiety, insomnia, leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, low libido and more!
  • Explore complementary healing techniques that can speed your recovery.
  • Get the inside scoop on healing that I’ve gleaned through my own experiences and years of helping others.

p2_10Pantry Pro Guide

{$37 value}

  • A complete step-by-step guide to building a kitchen pantry that will support your healing
  • What to toss, what to buy—and why
  • Ideas on how to get the kids involved


book_20Your Super Support Stack Bonus Bundle

{$47 value}

Family Support Letter: A printable letter for your family and friends who just don’t get what you’re going through to encourage understanding and the support you deserve.

Temperature Tracker: An automated tracker for temperature that maps out your progress so you can understand exactly how your body is working.

Food, Mood & Symptom Tracker: A food, mood and symptom journal, so you can see your own progress as you heal.

The Time Management Ninja Maker: Karate chop stress and overwhelm out of your life.

Soy & Goitrogen Avoidance List: a print-out you can carry in your purse so you can make great dining decisions while you’re on the go.

Sugar Shake-off Guide: Slay your sugar demons for good!

Healing Foods Helper: My cheat sheet for creating nourishing meals & snacks on the fly so you’ll never have to stand around wondering what you can eat any more.

fb_24PLUS… Compassionate & Caring Community Support!

Access to the Thyroid Fix in 6 Private Facebook Community where you will find real (and real-time) compassionate support from others who are healing themselves. Together, you can discuss challenges, share resources and rejoice in your own successes.

  • Find accountability partners
  • Form deep friendships
  • Stay motivated as you and fellow thyroid sufferers cheer each other on!

(Value? Priceless. . You can’t buy this kind of personal, community support!)

All these free gifts + access to a one-of-a-kind community + over 18 hours of interactive expert coaching worth over $2,000 all at a very low special price!

Total Value: $2,471

Affordable options for any budget. Grab today’s deal below!

It’s time to say, “YES!” to feeling better…so you can get your life back and enjoy all that you want to.

Just think of how much money & energy reversing thyroid disease will save you when you do it once and for all! No more frustrating doctor visits, no more pricey supplements and medications, no more waiting for your life to start again.

My commitment is to provide you with a proven step-by-step plan that will improve your health, lifestyle and overall wellness. All I ask from you is that you truly commit to transforming your health and actually make the suggested diet and life-style changes I present in the program.

And, I only work with women who are ready to take action, make the necessary diet and lifestyle changes and do the work. 

This system is NOT for you if you just want “give it a try.” This program is effective…if you’re willing to honor yourself by doing the work.  And, you need to make the commitment to yourself that you are ready to feel better and take action.

That said, if you’ve watched and listened to all the video and audio tutorials, completed the homework worksheets, participated in the group coaching by posting questions and updates to the private Facebook group and within 30 days you still haven’t gotten results, I will happily give you a 100% refund. See full Terms & Conditions at the bottom of order page.

I do this to honor our current group of women who have decided they want to get well. We’re here to support you on those rough days and cheer on your successes; but those who aren’t willing to do the work, need not apply.  As a coach, I need to focus my time and energy on positive, inspired action.  Serious students see serious results.  I’ll show up fully for you so you start you feeling amazing, but you’ve gotta be committed to showing up fully for yourself as well.

Fair enough?

Awesome! My goal is to keep providing you with the tools to help you look, feel, love and live your best! And I look forward to working with you in our Thyroid Fix in 6 community!

Let’s do this!

Fully Actionable Steps… With Interactive Worksheets, Spreadsheets, Downloadable Guides, And More To Help You Eat, Heal and Relax.

This is a highly practical program. This isn’t about the daydream. This is about realizing the dream…and living a life where your symptoms don’t hold you back.

Take action today.

Get access to your personal coaching portal, by clicking the Add to Cart button. Upon purchase you’ll receive your log-in credentials and instructions on how to get started. You can get started tonight and begin implementing tomorrow, Voila!

Buy Now To Get The Thyroid Fix in 6 + 12 BIG Bonuses

(A Total Additional Value Of US $681)… And my personal guarantee.

Here’s what you REALLY need to know:

  • This is a very limited-time offer— there will be a price increase in the future and offers may not have all these amazing bonuses and free gifts.
  • The Thyroid Fix is a virtual product. You’ll receive access to the TLC Members’ Only portal and Private Facebook community immediately.
  • The price for this program will never be this low again, so if you love getting a huge value for a bargain price, now is the time to invest.

Are you ready to take control of your symptoms and your life? Don’t hesitate. Click the button below to make an investment in your health and happiness today! Remember, this is a limited time offer.


A la carte, this coaching program + 12 big bonuses and special gifts is worth a flat $2,471; my private coaching clients have paid thousands of dollars each for access to this same information; and the support and knowledge you’ll receive with The Thyroid Fix in 6 is truly priceless.

How much is freedom from this disease worth to you?

Get your life back today and join a compassionate and supportive community who’s got your back!

With Radical TLC,


Your interactive Thyroid Fix in 6 program goes live immediately. At that time you will receive access to your personal coaching portal, your modules and all the bonuses. The LIVE thyroid health coaching with Jen is ongoing each month.
The Thyroid Fix in Six is an interactive thyroid coaching program that guides you gently from disease to vibrant health. Together, we work step-by-step to reverse thyroid disease and eliminate symptoms naturally. It is designed to make a huge impact on your health within 6-weeks.The Thyroid Fix in Six is a virtual program which consists of a personal coaching portal, 18 coaching sessions, 5 digital, e-books and support materials:

  1. YOUR PERSONAL COACHING PORTAL – Upon purchase, you’ll receive login information where all your home healing video recordings, audio recordings, digital e-books, PDFs, slideshows and worksheets will be housed.
  2. 6 Video Coaching Tutorials (+ audio recordings + PDF slideshows/worksheets) – all the practical info, tools and worksheets you need to get to the heart of healing and results.
  3. 6 Expert Q&A Coaching Calls + Recordings – VIP access to the top experts in healing as they answer your most pressing questions.
  4. 6 Months of Q&A coaching recordings with Jen to your challenging questions answered.
  5. The Home Healing Program: a 6-week, daily, step-by-step action plan to reverse disease
  6. Thyroid Love 101: a guide to all things thyroid including information on doctors, critical tests to get and normal and optimal ranges.
  7. Symptom Relief Playbook: a handy reference filled with natural remedies to help you kick symptoms to the curb.
  8. Pantry Pro Guide: a blueprint for stocking your pantry with the essentials for healing and supporting your body with food.
  9. The Thyroid & Autoimmune Cookbook + Meal Plan: 4-weeks of meal plans, grocery lists, prep strategy, quick and simple family-friendly recipes and more!
  10. Printable Support Letter
  11. Sugar Shake-off Guide
  12. Private Facebook Community
  13. Trackers & Journals
  14. and more! Ongoing surprise gifts, bonuses and special discounts
Anyone with:

  1. THYROID DISEASE (Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, Partial/Total Thyroidectomy)
  2. AUTOIMMUNE CONDITIONS (Hashimoto’s, Grave’s, RA, Lupus, Lyme, Alopecia, PCOS, etc)
  3. INFLAMMATORY DISEASE (Diabetes, Obesity, IBS, etc.)
Years ago, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid. My world was turned upside down by symptoms including a thick fatigue that kept me from living my life. After countless visits with doctors and specialists and getting no real answers, I decided to take my health back into my own hands.I read everything I could on thyroid, autoimmune and inflammatory disease as well as integrative healing modalities. I used this + my background in Psychology, Culinary Arts, Nutrition & Holistic Health Coaching to coach 100s how to reverse thyroid and autoimmune diseases. I’ve struggled with the same debilitating symptoms you have and learned how to reverse these conditions and eliminate symptoms. My dedication to helping others with thyroid and autoimmune conditions means I stay on top of cutting edge research and healing techniques on my continued quest to support your health and vitality.

I’m torn! I love the coaching modules and expert Q&As and support materials. They really help you get results. I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the support in our private Thyroid Fix in 6 community. And, I love how simple the home healing program is – just 1 action step per day is all it takes to begin healing.
I felt really alone while I was in the throes of this disease. And, as a coach seeing private clients one-on-one, I wasn’t able to help people all over the world. So, I decided to create an virtual coaching & home healing program that anyone could do anywhere + create a global community of people suffering from the disease to share support, struggles and triumphs.We’re holding each other up! No one has to feel alone in this anymore. And our private Thyroid Fix in Six community is our safe place to vent, share ideas and support and some jokes too! It’s a party over there full of loving and amazing women.

No….as long as you’re willing to take action. The program is designed to fit into a busy life. It is broken down into daily action steps. The weekly modules are simple and easy to understand and the home healing program consists of 1 step per day, that’s it!By following each step, you’re able to support your body to start the healing process within as little as 6-weeks. Plus, I designed the program for a busy career woman or mom (like me and our current members!)

You may. Through the delicious cookbook and meal plan, you may also discover NEW favorite foods. I did! Those foods I found so yummy before that were actually harming my body, don’t even taste good to me anymore. Now that I’m full of energy and able to live my life again, my palate has changed to want the things that nourish me and support healing. But don’t think you have to “give up” anything. You’re giving yourself the greatest gift – HEALTH, VITALITY, ENERGY, LIFE…and you can still do that with simple tweaks to your favorite recipes…no worries!
YES! That’s the beauty of this program – you get LIFETIME access to the modules and coaching calls from this session and the home healing program can be done at your own pace and on your time. Plus, it teaches you how to manage time better so you can give yourself the support you need. And, by following the daily action steps, you’ll find you have newfound energy and the will to take care of yourself. To love your body back to health. You got this!
Here are some real-life outcomes experienced by people who followed the home healing program:

  1. Weight loss of 35 lbs or more
  2. Reversal of multiple autoimmune conditions
  3. Decreased or eliminated medications
  4. Complete symptom relief
  5. More energy
  6. Success in the kitchen
  7. New friends who understand what you’re going through!
According to Western medicine, there isn’t a cure. But when you go beyond just the traditional prescription pill methodology of “curing” a disease, you can find healing everywhere.I have seen clients go from having multiple autoimmune diseases to having no detectable levels of antibodies in their system after following this program. I’ve also had clients go from blood test markers that were completely outside of normal range rebalance their bodies with new markers within not only normal ranges but optimal ranges! And, without a doubt, your symptoms can be eliminated. You CAN get your life back!

It looks at the whole YOU. You are not just a lab value or a person who is making up your symptoms. It’s not all in your head. You are valued and supported in this program and in the The Thyroid Fix in Six community. This program looks at everything going on in your life and gives you simple, natural ways to balance all the moving pieces so you can get back to health and energy so you can live the life you want to unshackled from symptoms and disease.

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